Products available for wholesale

Apple Sauce: Case of 12 quarts (32 oz) or Case of 12 pints (16 oz)
Apple Juice: Case of 6 half gallons (64 oz) or Case of 12 pints (16 oz) Juice packed in glass
Apple Butter: Case of 12 jars (9 oz)
Peach Butter: Case of 12 jars (9 oz)
Fresh Cider: Gallons, Half Gallons, Pints, bulk containers. Available September through March, frozen cider available in spring and summer.
Apple Chips: Case of 12 bags (2 oz)
Apples: Varieties vary through the season, available September through March,
Peaches: Available August and early September

Processed products are available all year, with the exception of fresh Cider which is available from mid September through March
Email mail@SoleburyOrchards.com for wholesale pricing and availability.